Donnerstag, 8. April 2021

Canadian & Comedian Expat Daniel-Ryan Spaulding

@danielryanspaulding of Instagram is a comedian expat living in Berlin who posts regularly to YouTube. I particularly like this video because a few years back I planted IKEA tulips on our balcony and was horrified to see that tulips really lose their togetherness and elegance the moment they start to whither. 

One claim to fame Daniel-Ryan Spaulding has is a comical vendetta against Claire Dane on his YouTube channel. It's worth going into a deep dive on his content, especially if you have any familiarity with Berlin.

The Tulips I planted in 2015

The Germany Experience Podcast: How Germany Changed Our Identity (with Geoff and Alex of Americans In Germany Drinking Whiskey)

There is a smattering of foreigners calling themselves expats on social media, they, we all live in Germany, or at least the ones I follow.

From time to time these Expats with online profiles will interact, the above video is a great example of this.

South African Podcaster Shaun Behrens has mastered this melding of expat worlds on his podcast The Germany Experience. Not unlike Sylar from the TV show Heroes, his amassed collection of expats he has spoken with is quite impressive.

Here is a link to a list I created on Twitter called English Speaking Germany

If you want to read an in-depth, deep-dive article on the man I recommend this article by the English Post titled Life Out Loud.

*Foto Credit Google Images
 click the image to go to original source of image.

*Foto Credit Google Images
 click the image to go to original source of image.

The main thing I wanted to blog about in this post is that @The.Germany.Experience and did a collab on YouTube. This is Geoff and Alex of the Americans In Germany Drinking Whiskey podcast stepping out of their expat universe or haven as they've created for themselves in Berlin and speaking on another expat podcaster's platform.

One of the things they talk about is how both Shaun and I think Alex used to be funny before moving to Germany.

This is something I can totally relate to, my humor falls on deaf ears in Germany, and I used to have people fight to work a shift with me because I can get Americans to laugh.

Its a part of my personality I feel has stunted, withered, and disappeared altogether over the years I haven't landed a funny hah hah laugh out loud moment on anyone in a few months now, other than my kids, I can always manage to get a halfhearted snicker or smile out of one of them. ...So there is hope

Meanwhile, Geoff and Alex have been chugging along both figuratively and literally for around about a year now on their podcast, I really reccomend you listen if you live in Germany.

*Foto Credit Google Images
 click the image to go to original source of image.

*Foto Credit Google Images
 click the image to go to original source of image.

Fun Sexy Bible Time Podcast

There is a podcast I listen to as I fall asleep, if I find out either of the two podcasters read this I will feel like Tim Dillon telling Alex Jones He used to fall asleep listening to his YouTube Channel.

Podcasters Casey Haas @middlecasey and published author @matthewpierce get together on a regular basis to talk about Christian-related topics.

Their Twitter @FSBibleTime describes them as the best Christian podcast of all time... also the most humble. Endorsed by 7 of the 12 apostles & several prominent methodists.

Their SoundCloud & Spotify describes them as ...leading an irreverent joyride through Christian culture and make a lot of adolescent jokes.

From what I can gather Casey casts from Florida while Matthew hails and signs in from Alabama and the powers of the internet allow them to get together.

They discuss odd and quirky Christian news, events, and tweets about the faith that don't really make too much sense.

On more than one occasion Matthew will bust out his best Alex Jones impersonation, which I consider to be hilarious and an essential part of the whole podcasting experience.

They also discuss a lot of Christian music.

Mittwoch, 7. April 2021

Snow In Franconian Bavaria

I am Floridian, well... A transplant by way of Georgia, by way of Papua New Guinea, by way of Virginia, but where I really grew up and where my fondest memories of being stateside are, is all in Florida.

Before my American driver's license expired I had a Florida driver's license. It's home to me, still... To this day.

I really accredit the Florida mindset to an innate love of hot weather.

I've only ever lived in Bavaria in all my time living off and on as Expat in Germany. 

I attended the Torchbearers Bible School Bodenseehof in Friedrichshafen in 1999 and saw snow for the first time as an adult, I didn't really like it and stayed indoors for most of the Semester.

I was stationed in Vilseck, Germany for four years and saw some of the biggest snowflakes of my life. We joked the Army had a weather machine set to either rain or snow. Salting and shoveling the sidewalks lost it's novelty on me within the first day. 

One fun thing we did in the snow when I was still a G.I. Joe was take my old car and joy ride through the massive empty tanker's parking lot while blasting German techno over the speakers. ...We would have died of pushups had we been caught.

I met my wife in Nuremberg and she asked me to stay with her, so I left the military lifestyle and became a foreigner in Germany. The terminology for my status has been changed, for a while I was an Ausländer, then a Migrant, then I met a few people calling themselves immigrants. 

Finally though, I discovered a conglomerate of individuals all with blogs and social media profiles calling themselves Expats.

There was some hesitation as to whether or not I am an Expat or not but I read on an American .gov website that I fit the criteria and have settled with being called and calling myself an Expat.

On an interesting rabbit trail there are a couple of articles online saying that to call yourself an Expat is racist. That's not what the government website said at all and by official government definition I am an Expat.

The first few years living with my wife were relatively easy winters, but then... THEN it started getting cold or I started noticing the cold and snow more and more. 

I think it was 2010 when it snowed very heavily then rained just enough for everything to be covered in ice resulting in a freeze that broke a 60 year record. All sorts of people went to the hospital due to falling down, and the 🚕 🚖 Taxis refused to run for the day.

I remember that because I had volunteered to help a guy move that day and on the walk over to his place I stood in place and slid down an iced over street.

That picture is of me the year we moved to Würzburg, 2014. I'm standing by the offramp just outside of the McFit fitness studio aka gym.

It's two days past Easter now and the snow keeps trying to make a glorious comeback with sporadic thick flurries throughout the day.

I no longer get homesick, or annoyed that my pillows are perpetually flat, there's no Ranch Dressing for the rest of my life or that Cheddar is only available occasionally, on days like this though I wouldn't mind being back in Florida to enjoy the weather.

Around the Wherever: Germans do have a sense of humor

Around the Wherever: Germans do have a sense of humor: Hornbach  This is a display at Hornbach, a German home improvement store

Figuring Out How To Monetize My Blog

Living in Germany there are a few extra beaurocratic steps to most things, it's just the way it is and usually I'm simply handed a sheet of paper, told "sign here" or "pay this and that's that I move on none the wiser or better for having participated in the 📝 pencil jockey's dire little game or social experiment.

With this blog however, I had some figuring out to do with the Imprint or Impressum which requires a lot of information over cookies analytics, eventually my tax id once I've monetized the blog and a few other statements. 

Eventually I found an Impressum Generator which I added to the blog, making me wonder if I shouldn't just try to become a pro Blogger on Medium instead, considering all that paperwork is sorted out by them already. 

I will order my tax number over they help file such things.

Today I finally summoned the internal fortitude to start blogging more frequently and decided to put in for Adsense. 

Something I only just did today and could have to wait up to two weeks for a reply as to whether or not I am approved.

The next step for today was to set up an Analytics account with Google. Google Analytics it would seem, is on it's fourth iteration and no longer provides a code starting with UA and I don't feel like going into the html to add the new version of that code.

So, Blogger and I are at an impass when it comes to analytics being added into my Blogger settings, but it's only been a couple of hours and I'm ok with things the way they are so far.

Just anxious about being approved for AdSense.

Why go with a Blogger Blogspot Blog over WordPress you ask? Well I do have two WordPress blogs:

I also prefer all the pretty little options and ability to follow other people on the same platform in the reader, which I really do wish the Blogger had in it's app, but the lure of qualifying for AdSense and staying on the all Google platform is too strong.

Admittedly, were i to be judged by a jury of my peers aka the English speaking Expat crowd of people in Germany with an Social Media presence I would be an outcast from the cool kids table.

They all seem to have gone with WordPress, and some have even gone so far as to have invested in custom urls.

I am somewhat green with envy, at the prospect of going full in on WordPress and embracing the elegance of it all, but "No!"

I say Blogger has its potential and I'm sticking with it, I'll just post my Blogger posts to my WordPress with a link to this blog and hope one day to have a follower.

If you look through this blog you will see I complied lists of Expats in Germany on Instagram and Twitter. 

That's my rant for now, to all who have read this I say thank you, and please follow me on this blog. 

Have a lovely day.

Easter 2021

This year, even though the kids are still relatively young we, as a family didn't really observe the Easter holidays other than the fact my wife had off from work and we ate a specially bought bacon-wrapped pork filet that Sunday.

I've lived off and on in Germany since 1999 and still haven't managed to get a grasp on all of the religious holidays observed in Germany.

Even though I attended international Torchbearer Bible Schools Bodenseehof in Friedrichshafen, Germany and Tauernhof in Schladming, Austria.

I was raised non-denominational Christian and went to an amazing Southern Baptist church in Orlando, Florida in my teens.

We, my family and other Christians we knew observed Christmas and Easter in Orlando, and it was much the same with the Bible Schools I attended in Europe, in fact I had heard from other students that the Catholic and Orthodox churches were bound in their traditions, but beyond saying that as a matter of fact it was the freedom in Christ that was the main focus of my studies and christian relationships.

I've attended German church a few times, but never really got into the way they worship and well, as that interest waned so did our interest in observing Easter.

Maybe next year we'll do something, hunt for eggs again and maybe visit a church, but this year outside of the fact that the country is in lockdown still due to covid-19 restrictions, to blame not observimg the holiday on lockdown would be a lie. It's just a day we used to set aside but this year passed with no adu. 

Something that did happen over the week of Easter is that I started receiving my VA benefits, we decided to deposit Stateside and wire the amount needed every month via a transfer service over direct depositing in a German bank account and constantly losing some of the money to fees.

We are ecstatic about receiving the VA benefits. I read on the website that I can confirm my direct deposit details so delving to be double, triple sure and certain everything is squared away, ship shape and the way it is meant to be i signed in by getting an account and verifying my identity with a series of original documents.

Within hours of having registered with ID me I was followed and messaged by fake agent accounts on Instagram 🙄

Which added to the excitement of qualifying for my benefits in the first place.

Canadian & Comedian Expat Daniel-Ryan Spaulding

@danielryanspaulding of Instagram is a comedian expat living in Berlin who posts regularly to YouTube. I particularly like this video becau...